In Brazil and around the world there are many people that deal with these forces like Kimbanda, Magick, or Witchcraft without the slightest real knowledge about the beings, gods and energies that are envolved in a ritual. Here in Brazil is not different, and what we see is most of these peoples living in misery petition. Harvesting is free, but the seeding is required. Working with something that is unknown is the path to a chaotic life. We learned that magic without inner development, without knowledge, without wisdom is like nothing. Being a Mage is to be king, and most do not understand it, they are mere pleading, desperate to live a life full of misery and adverse events, all because they do not know, as I said, work well with the forces and energies. Nothing really happened, everything has a reason for be, your learning will be so if the powers that govern our lives permit. This is for serious students who want to evolve and go beyond where your imagination can even dream of. If your magic is not effective, the cause may be varied, among which stress laziness, lack of mental and spiritual discipline and especially the lack of dedication. We are launching a course in video lesson on Afro-Brazilian cults, Kimbanda and Magic, on a platform of virtual studies we already have, so that we can interact with our students. Each video will last approximately 50 minutes, with many illustrations and exercises to test your learning. Being one video per month initially, at a cost of US$30.00 per month. This value is for it to be accessible to everyone, and especially to ensure we meet the real interested to learn with us. Below is an illustration with the course content, those interested can book your participation by sending payment via Paypal, simply leave your name and email below or by sending to us in box, with the title Course Magic and Kimbanda, and we'll send you a charge of Paypal. The forecast will start May 19th, with the sending of the first video and learning tests. One video by month.

  • Origin of Kimbanda
    - Who are Kimbanda kia Di Hamba? Who are the Kimbundos?
    - What is Kimbanda, Umbanda and Candomblé?
    The Exu Kingdoms or lines.
    - Bantu mythology and its influence on Afro-Brazilian cults.
    - Differences between Kimbanda and Voodoo.
    What are the differences between Quimbanda and Kimbanda?
    - Is this a "religion" or a "practice"?
    Where did these religions come from and how did they develop in
    - Is this an "nkisi" (spirit) practice that uses the same names for the
    spirits that are used in Palo Mayombe and Santeria - for example:
    Zarabanda/Ogun // Madre de Agua/Yemaya
    Tiemble Tierra/Obatala
    - Who is the Pai de Santo and Tata Nkisi.
    What is the role and responsibility of a Kimbanda practitioner?
    - What is the difference between "black magic" and "African Witchcraft"? Is it sorcery? Necromancy?
    - Which is the diference of Exu and the Goetia Demons? Are they exus?
    - Why do some Exus use magical names as a demons for example: Exu Rei das & Encruzilhadas or King Exu of the Seven Crossroads as Astaroth?
    - Who are the Pomba giras?
    - What kind of Magical Work we can do without Iniciation?
    - Is the Kimbandero a wizard or a medium?
    - How is the Initiation in the Traditional Brazilian Kimbanda.